The Da Vinci Cold

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 30-35 minutes
Cast: 4m, 5f
Set: One interior
Publisher: Eldridge Plays & Musicals

Synopsis: Laura has carefully plotted a day off school in order to find out the meaning of life. Playing hooky, along with her ditzy best friend, she has concocted a foolproof plan to get to the bottom of things. Chaos ensues when her attempts to leave the house are foiled by a lazy cable guy, a rapper who’s come to install high-speed internet, a disapproving Mary Kay consultant, a devious Girl Scout selling cookies, and an insecure FedEx driver. It seems all is lost until Laura’s older brother arrives with a man claiming to be Leonardo Da Vinci. He, too, knows the secret…but can he trust the wacky group of strangers to keep it quiet?

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