The Jigsaw Puddle

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 35-40 minutes
Cast: 1m, 5f
Set: One exterior
Publisher: Big Dog Plays

Synopsis:  Annie and Cindy have sprung Grandma Puddle from the old-folks home for a lovely spring walk through the park. Suddenly, the sisters realize that they are missing something…Grandma Puddle! After Annie and Cindy find a mysterious note in Grandma’s purse, they begin to suspect that Grandma Puddle may not be as innocent as she looks. With the “help” of a ditzy bubble-blowing babysitter, two kooky joggers, and a smart-alecky 8-year-old, the elder Puddle eventually turns up…but not where you’d expect. In this case, it’s not just spring that’s in the air—there’s a little romance, too!

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