Epic Fail

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 30 minutes
Cast: Gender flexible cast of 5-100
Set: Area staging
Publisher: Eldridge Plays & Musicals

Synopsis: Teenagers are faced with failure every day. Some mornings it feels like they have the letter F stamped on their foreheads in bright red ink. In a series of hilarious vignettes, students take on a multitude of challenges, each from a different perspective. From learning to driving a car, seemingly with mind of its own, to having an argument with a bag of chips in a vending machine, these teenagers discover that the only way to succeed is to stare failure in the face. And if they’re going to take that risk, they might as well make it epic! Endless opportunities for creative staging, especially when fellow actors portray the gearshift, gas and brake pedals in the car scene. A true ensemble piece as any number of actors can be a part of the chorus or perform one of the many smaller roles.

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