Laughing Stock

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 35 minutes
Cast: 2-8m, 5-9f, 3-15 either
Set: Bare stage
Publisher: Heuer Publishing

Synopsis: Michael stands alone on stage before an impatient audience, trying desperately to dramatize his lackluster existence. With the help of a madcap playwright, his life story is suddenly populated with exaggerated stock characters of every sort. One by one, the humdrum people in his life are replaced by pirates and princes, gunslingers and psychics, clowns and rappers. There’s even a Greek chorus along for the ride. As this play-within-a-play unfolds, and with a little help from William Shakespeare himself, Michael begins to realize his life is only as dull as he allows it to be. The gender flexible cast, with roles large and small, is perfect for any size group looking for a comic showstopper.

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