Sixteen Shambles

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 30-35 minutes
Cast: 2m, 4f, 7 either
Set: Area staging
Publisher: Eldridge Plays & Musicals

Synopsis: Janet is about to celebrate her sweet sixteenth birthday, but little does she know it’s going to be the worst day of her life. Things start spiraling downward from the moment she wakes up and gets toothpaste all over her shirt. This sets off a chain reaction of misfortune as she faces a variety of kooky characters insistent on ruining her big day. From her manic-depressive English teacher and a hot-headed driving instructor, to an overly sensitive drama coach and a super-creepy mortician, Janet is up to her ears in craziness. She’s determined to put an end to the pandemonium, but that’s one enormous wish for only sixteen candles. Is it time for her to go to bed and hide under the covers? Or is it time to wake up?

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