Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less

Genre: Comedy/Drama
Running Time: 100 minutes
Cast: 3-13m, 4-17f
Set: Simple set
Publisher: Theatrefolk

Synopsis: The lives of seven teenagers become intertwined in this humorous and oftentimes bittersweet collection of ten minute plays. From extracting a gummy bear out of a new set of braces to coping with bullies, these characters share their innermost hopes and fears with each other, ten minutes at a time. As the audience drops in on these intimate moments, they will come to understand that being sixteen isn’t always easy.

The plays herein may be licensed together or separately. The piece was conceived as a full length evening of entertainment, but each short stands perfectly well on its own without any prior knowledge of the characters.

Plays included: Friend Request, Double Click, Brace Yourself, Lazy Eye, Fireworks, Pay Phone, Bench Warrant, Wheels, Tumblefur, Status Update: A Symphony

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